9.18.19 - Nick Potts 7 Important Reasons Pharmacies are Choosing ScriptDrop For Prescription Delivery

1. ScriptDrop’s core competency is the team’s focus on being a healthcare company first

To borrow out of Peloton’s playbook: ScriptDrop is a healthcare software pharmacy logistics B2B consumer data company. A large percentage of our team and management team has a background in healthcare, healthcare IT, and pharmacy. We know the importance of HIPAA compliance and how to consider the HITECH Act, when implementing new features and scaling.

Our healthcare foundation is evident when a pharmacist speaks with the ScriptDrop team and when they interact with our software. And, most importantly, it is evident when interacting with patients.

2. We provide an integrated and seamless solution

As a pharmacist, you’re busy enough without having to learn new systems and interact with software that isn’t part of your core pharmacy management system. Our team understands that there is no better phrase to hear from a solution than “in-workflow.” ScriptDrop is able to provide a proprietary integrated solution to ANY and ALL pharmacies, across the country.

A pharmacist or pharmacy tech can bill a transaction to us, which initiates the request for a prescription delivery. The end-to-end process is all within the workflow and system that one would interact with each day.

As the patient signature is captured, our system sources that back to all necessary parties electronically.

3. We’ve been branded as the “GPO” for prescription delivery

In short, we have scaled to such volume that we can negotiate cheaper rates with couriers than nearly any individual pharmacy can. We’re experiencing the same path with the shipping providers (FedEx, UPS, and USPS).

ScriptDrop’s goal is to launch pharmacies with no cost increase to them, while adding our unmatched software package.

4. ScriptDrop is endlessly scalable

We’ve spent years building out our software full of all of the necessary features for prescription delivery, along with adhering to any of the state pharmacy mandates.

We have nationwide courier coverage. Whether a pharmacy has low volume or is delivering hundreds of prescriptions per day, ScriptDrop can cover it. Whether a pharmacy is in the middle of New York City or a small town in Alaska, ScriptDrop can cover it.

Additionally, in most markets, we have secondary and tertiary coverage. We’ve found that gives the pharmacy piece-of-mind to use prescription delivery, as a tool to grow their business. There is no need to fear a driver calling in sick and leaving patients in a bad spot. ScriptDrop handles those situations daily, and with ease.

5. We provide pharmacies with many delivery options

Our system can handle four types of prescription delivery requests: same-day, next-day, on-demand, and shipping solutions.

Each request type travels through the same system. No matter the request type, the pharmacy has the same central point of contact for all support inquiries.

We’ve found the same-day option is most popular for the majority of pharmacies and patients. Our shipping feature (via FedEx, UPS, and USPS) is one of our most recent and sought-after enhancements. At this point, ScriptDrop can take over any type of prescription delivery a pharmacy would complete. Our system can handle it all.

6. We provide tamper-evident packaging

When a pharmacy is on-boarded, our implementation team mails packaging directly to the store. We provide this to all pharmacies, in an effort to ensure no drug information is shown to our courier. That same team tracks delivery volume and reorders packaging for the pharmacy, as needed.

This is just another example of our healthcare first approach. We understand that prescription delivery is nascent for some patients and pharmacies. ScriptDrop does everything in our power to lower the likelihood of any issue arising.

7. True vertical integration and management

At ScriptDrop, we pride ourselves in making the job of our pharmacy partners easier. We do that by building intuitive software and managing all aspects of the delivery, from start to finish.

We have a team that sources courier partners, negotiates rates, and ensures they are on-time each day. When a pharmacy has a contract with us, there is no need to work directly with multiple courier companies and work to train them. You dispense the medication and we handle the logistics. In fulfilling our promise of vertical integration, we built a proprietary logistics platform that all of our courier partners use. It ensures that every patient, coast to coast, has a comparable experience and all healthcare compliance features are handled and tracked by ScriptDrop’s team of experts.