10.22.19 - The ScriptDrop Team 3 Reasons to Inform Your Patients of Prescription Delivery

As we discussed in a previous article, medication adherence is a tricky problem with an estimated 100 to 300 billion dollars in preventable health care costs in the U.S. and an estimated 125,000 deaths each year. Various players in the industry are identifying specific problems and roadblocks, and effectively utilizing technological solutions to optimize patient access to their medication. One technology, in particular, is streamlined, in-workflow prescription delivery.

Independent and retail pharmacies have been managing their own prescription delivery solutions for years; however, they are now catching on to the benefits of switching delivery logistics to in-workflow, tech-centric solutions such as ScriptDrop. The ScriptDrop solution effectively lifts the burden from pharmacists and pharmacy techs, who are able to simply click a button in their pharmacy system and dispatch a courier to pick up the medication and deliver it directly to the patient.

Despite this innovation, many patients are unaware their pharmacy may offer this benefit; thus, losing out on a potentially critical step in the path to better adherence. Here are three reasons it’s important to enlighten your patients and ramp up your store’s delivery volume:

1. Patients may not know prescription delivery is available

As stated earlier, the most straight-forward reason it’s important to let your patients know your pharmacy offers delivery is they simply may not be aware the benefit exists.

In fact, it’s common for patients to not be familiar with the concept of prescription delivery at all, so they don’t know to ask for it.

The good news is ScriptDrop offers complimentary marketing materials for your store(s) which are fully designed, branded, and ready to go when you sign on. This is an easy and effective way to spread the word to your patients and community that you care about their health and are on top of the latest industry efficiencies. Whether it’s table-top signs, handouts, or door signs, we have an array of materials that best fit your store.

2. It can increase pharmacy bottom line and give time back to staff

In-workflow solutions like ScriptDrop can reduce delivery costs by up to 14%, not to mention pull the burden of calling and scheduling couriers, negotiating rates, or staying on top of where the medication is at any given point, of your technicians. Operational efficiencies and store ROI are great reasons to let new and returning patients know that you offer this service.

3. Patients can focus on getting healthy

A patient with a bad case of the flu likely has no desire to make another stop to pick up their prescription before heading home from the doctor, so letting them know a delivery option is available can be a real game-changer. With flu season right around the corner, your pharmacy may be backed up on orders as it is, so it takes the pressure off your technicians, and patients can be home resting instead of waiting for their therapy to be filled. This is also why it’s important to let any patient know the service is available as soon as possible, so next time they need a prescription and are too sick to pick it up, they’ll remember the service ahead of time and can focus on getting healthy.

There are many reasons to let your patients know of the options for prescription delivery. To learn more about how your pharmacy can add delivery to its list of patient benefits, or to switch your current solution to ScriptDrop, visit our pharmacy page.