12.3.19 - The ScriptDrop Team Why Robb Chose ScriptDrop, a Startup in Columbus, Ohio

Robb Tvorik is an avid startup enthusiast and Director of Technology at ScriptDrop. He has devoted his career to developing and molding robust programs for startup companies. Always hungry to work in startup culture, Robb took notice of Columbus’ growth and was convinced to check out the entrepreneurial landscape. 

An Exciting Time in Columbus

Columbus, experiencing an exciting time of growth, presented a handful of startup opportunities for Robb to join. Eager to be apart of what would be his fourth startup, Robb carefully considered all of his options.

And in September of 2018, Robb became the twelfth member of ScriptDrop. 

“I had a lot of options, but ScriptDrop was agile and growing. I had other options that were more established, but the startup culture here was more enticing.” 

A Startup with a Mission

Robb explained that his reasoning for taking his talents to ScriptDrop is rooted in the confidence he has in the people who believe so heavily in the company’s mission.  

“It was immediately apparent that people were passionate about the mission, and I had a feeling that it was going somewhere, and I wanted to be apart of it.”

And in fact, it is going somewhere. A little after a year of being at ScriptDrop Robb watched the team grow from twelve to seventy plus team members. 

Hardworking and Focused

Robb highlights that the ScriptDrop team is hardworking and does what it takes to get the job done. He also noted that day-to-day tasks present more than “just sitting down to get work done,” but rather entails high-level collaboration in efforts to fulfill the company’s mission. 

“The team is very focused on big plans and has a good grasp on what they are doing, and how they are going to do those things.”

Outside of being attracted to a culture infiltrated with hardworking and passionate people, Robb also felt called to the tight-knit bond at ScriptDrop.

“The executive team thinks about how everyone is invested, and they truly care about the ins and outs of the company. Startups force you to change your career. You will receive rapid experience while wearing many hats.”

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