1.21.20 - Nick Potts ScriptDrop Kicks Off Internal Level Up Campaign for 2020

The premise is simple.

We’ve reached a spot many startups only dream about. It’s been difficult. It’s been fun. The word “rollercoaster” comes to mind.

We have a perfect product/market fit. Our team has built a solution that scales across the country and our growth in 2020 will continue with added velocity.

In 2019, we grew from ~15 team members in January to over 80 by December. At the very least, we’ll double in size this year, but to do that, we’ll have to Level Up.

Level Up on the way we think, organize and execute initiatives.

Level Up on how we use data to make strategic decisions and drive improvements to our solution.

Level Up on communication. This is one that will directly impact our ability to double our team size (add 80+ new members) and not feel like we’re going to drown or allow things to get lost in the shuffle.

I had a conversation with someone this week in a 1:1. He said he wanted to “Level Up on Leveling Up.” In short, ScriptDrop is doing just that. Our pharmacies and patients need us to. In healthcare, when you have product/market fit and data that proves your solution positively impacts patient outcomes, the market NEEDS you to scale faster and get your solution into the hands of more people.

With ScriptDrop’s Level Up campaign kicking off, I want to drive progress quickly. I know if the company is leveling up, I need to do that more than anyone. Below are a few initiatives we will implement.

Leadership Review

As 2020 began, I worked with Dominique, who heads up HR at ScriptDrop to send out a job performance review for myself to the entire company. We found various templates and shared those with one another and collaborated with others to narrow down the questions.

The team at ScriptDrop had the opportunity to anonymously grade me on how I performed leading the company in 2019. There were questions that touched on things I did well, thoughts on the strategy, company communication, and MOST IMPORTANTLY…improvements I could make.

After the review was closed, Dominique sent the results to me and we discussed them. The next step is for her to meet with the staff, minus anyone on the leadership team, to go over the results and have an open conversation. I’ll discuss with everyone at our next all-staff meeting in February and publish the raw results to the team.

Some of this is still in progress, but it has already been a wonderful opportunity and platform to get feedback from those that I get to share this journey with. In the review, I was able to glean a better perspective on how others view what is going on at ScriptDrop.

CEO Office Hours

At the start of the year, I added weekly Office Hours. Each Thursday, I end my day with 10 to 15 minute 1:1s with anyone that would like to book the time.

This Thursday will be the third week, and it’s been my favorite addition so far. Both weeks have led to many meaningful conversations with various members of the team. We’ve talked about business, strategy, life, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I did ask for anyone that books time to fill out a questionnaire and bring it with them. It helps to drive the conversation and helps them think about an agenda ahead of time.

The questionnaire is short:

  1. What is something you are excited about?
  2. What is something me or ScriptDrop could be doing better that you’d like to share? How can I help?
  3. What else would you like me to know?

Town Hall

We also implemented a weekly Friday Town Hall. There is a form team members can ask anonymous questions ahead of time. I answer the questions on Friday along with any follow-up questions.

And again, I’ve very much enjoyed the Town Hall Meetings. I’m sure some of the questions that have been asked, there were other people wondering about the same thing. Getting an opportunity to chat about everything in an open forum has been fun.

Both Office Hours and Town Hall are a concerted effort to Level Up on communication. Not everyone on the team prefers the same medium of communication. No matter their preference, I want them to have that option at ScriptDrop.

Our Level Up campaign will be a great success. Not because of me, but because of the talent and drive of the ScriptDrop team.

What are some key strategies that you’ve seen companies deploy to Level Up? We want to continue learning, evolving, and getting better.