1.28.20 - Jessica Behrendsen Welcome to The Beat: The Industry’s Heart of Healthcare Expertise

“A News Beat – The regular route, or habitual path of a reporter.”

Yeah, we get it. To name our blog ‘The Beat’ is a shameless pun. Like beat reporters who dig deep into a topic, we are healthcare experts researching and reporting regularly on industry updates, healthcare IT innovations, and advancements.

We understand that healthcare is a complex, ever-changing industry and we thrive on that complexity. But even with all the resources at our fingertips, it can be difficult to find one source of truth.

We want The Beat to be that for our readers: a place you can to return to week after week and keep pace with what’s happening in the industry. The heart of it all, if you will.

Topics will range from the latest technology and innovations, patient care, government affairs, and startup life (to name a few). Additionally, we’ll continue to release unique and data-driven case studies, reports, and white papers on a wide range of topics. 

We take pride in the content released, and we’re connecting daily with our vast industry network to bring you the stories and data that matter.

If this is your first visit to The Beat, take a moment to look around. We post regularly every Tuesday and more frequently with any critical or breaking industry news.

Pro tip: Bookmark us! The Beat goes well with a morning cup of coffee as a way to kickstart a productive day.