4.7.20 - The ScriptDrop Team Q&A: How Does ScriptDrop’s Patient-Initiated Delivery Work?

By early March, it was clear that the coronavirus crisis wouldn’t go away overnight. ScriptDrop CEO Amanda Epp recognized that we had a responsibility to use our resources and expertise to help as many people as possible. We needed to expand our pharmacy-initiated delivery into something much bigger and more accessible. 

The ScriptDrop team doesn’t back down from a challenge. We condensed years of work into a few weeks of planning, building, testing, and preparing. Then on March 16, the ScriptDrop Team launched a patient-initiated delivery workflow to make it easier for all Americans to get their medications delivered to their homes, regardless of which pharmacy they use. 

As soon as a prescription is ready for pickup and the copay has been handled, patients can text their delivery request to ScriptDrop, pay a fee, and then sit back and wait. We handle the communication with the pharmacy and use our nationwide courier network to get the prescription to the patient’s door. 

Since the launch of our patient-initiated solution, we’ve seen our delivery request volume go through the roof. There is clearly a need for our services right now, more than ever before. But what is the process like? We talked with a couple patients* about their experience to offer some clarity on how it works. 

*In the interest of transparency, the patients interviewed for this piece are friends of ScriptDrop. Initials used for privacy. Answers were edited for clarity. 

ScriptDrop: We’re talking today with two patients who recently used ScriptDrop’s patient-initiated delivery solution. Both reside in the Midwest. Hello, Mike and Brian! 

First: why did you decide to try home prescription delivery? 

Mike: I’m looking to do my part to help flatten the curve. I live embarrassingly close to my pharmacy, but I wanted to try prescription delivery in case there comes a point where I can’t go in person. 

Brian: I have been crazy busy and trying to stay home, so delivery is huge for me right now.

ScriptDrop: Tell us about your delivery request. Were there any obstacles?

Mike: I ordered on Friday after the cutoff time [11 a.m.], so I called the pharmacy to ask when I could expect the delivery. I received it on the next business day (Monday).

ScriptDrop: May we ask which pharmacy you used? 

Mike: I used a chain pharmacy. On Monday they called me and said, “Hey, we have someone here – you want them to deliver your prescription to you?” I said yes, and they took my payment for the medication over the phone. 

Brian: I also used a chain pharmacy. They offer delivery as well but in the past they have always declined to deliver the meds for one reason or another. ScriptDrop worked. 

Because some pharmacies have not previously worked with ScriptDrop, they may need to input some data into their system before they can process delivery requests. Brian and Mike’s pharmacies connected with the ScriptDrop Customer Success Team to get everything in order, and then they were able to proceed. 

ScriptDrop: Brian, why did your pharmacy decline to deliver to you in the past? 

Brian: It had to do with my insurance not covering delivery. They hadn’t offered a way for me to pay for it, so delivery just wasn’t an option.

This is a common issue. With ScriptDrop’s patient-initiated delivery solution, the power to choose delivery is in the hands of the patient, not their insurer. 

ScriptDrop: Tell us about the delivery itself. 

Mike: Drop off was easy, just like any other same-day or next-day delivery order, really. 

Brian: I live in the country, was at home, and knew it was coming so I was looking for it. The scripts were left at my front door in a pharmacy bag they put everything in. 

ScriptDrop: Did you get more than one prescription delivered?  

Mike: Just one prescription. 

Brian: I had about seven or eight delivered. A couple needed to be refrigerated, so getting them the same day was also great.

ScriptDrop: What a timesaver! Any last thoughts on the patient-initiated delivery solution that you can share with someone who wants to give it a try? 

Mike: I would especially recommend it if you don’t live within walking distance of your pharmacy, or if you don’t own a car. It’s not worth getting on public transit if you can avoid it. But I would also recommend it in general! Hopefully people will take advantage of this service. 

Brian: I really hope that people make use of this process for the sake of themselves and all of society around them. They should stay at home and use services like this.

We are truly glad that we could offer a useful service to so many patients during these strange, stressful times. Whether you’re unable to leave home or simply looking for a convenient option, ScriptDrop’s patient-initiated delivery can bring your medications to you. Don’t let coronavirus stop you from taking your prescriptions and maintaining your health. 

The ScriptDrop team is committed to continuously improving our solutions. If you have tried patient-initiated delivery and have feedback for us, you can email us at info@scriptdrop.co

To start your first delivery request, visit our Patient page and click “Get Started.”