5.1.20 - The ScriptDrop Team ScriptDrop Honored as a Top Workplace in Columbus

ScriptDrop is proud to announce that we’ve been awarded a Top Workplace 2020 honor by Columbus CEO. We ranked #4 in the Small Employer category, and we couldn’t be happier. 

The Columbus Top Workplaces are ranked according to employee feedback which is gathered via a third-party survey. Essentially, a business’s own employees are the judge of its excellence. The survey also provides company leadership with anonymized feedback they can use to further improve. As CEO Nick Potts said, “we’ll be better tomorrow than we are today,” thanks to employees’ honest critiques.    

Unfortunately, there’s little time or space for company celebrations right now. The ScriptDrop team continues to work hard on our prescription delivery solution for patients. Besides, quarantine precludes any possibility of an office potluck or social cocktail hour.

Instead, we would like to take a brief moment to recognize this honor. What better way than to hear from our team? We spoke to three of our earliest team members, Emily Muenchen, Jon Kusumo, and Leonardia Hardy, to find out what makes ScriptDrop their top workplace. 

ScriptDrop: Hello, friends! As some of the earliest employees, you’ve seen firsthand how ScriptDrop has grown. How has your role evolved over time? 

Emily: At first I was a Customer Success Coordinator along with Leonardia, answering phones and fulfilling customer service needs. After a few weeks I took on business analyst responsibilities to grow our courier and pharmacy relationships. Then I became our Key Account Manager. I helped onboard and manage health systems, on-demand partners, distribution centers, and key pharmacy relationships. Now, at almost 2 years in, I am managing our team of Account Managers.

Jon: I started as a Software Engineer. There were only 6 people when I started! I had to wear many hats while learning about the system and about Elixir, the programming language we use at ScriptDrop. Then I became a team lead; I led a small team of developers. Now I’m a tech lead helping and mentoring other developers.

Leonardia: I was the first Customer Success Coordinator! I documented my processes and created resources so, as more people joined, they could get up to speed more quickly. As the company continued to grow, I realized I truly enjoyed creating resources that helped others with their careers and I transitioned to the Learning and Development Specialist role. Now I help foster an internal culture of learning and growth that shows we value the whole person and not just what they can do for us in the present.

ScriptDrop: What continues to make ScriptDrop your top workplace? 

Emily: Number one reason: our leadership team, who have maintained fidelity and integrity since day one. It can be hard to find leaders you truly believe in who, in turn, believe in you and your growth and development. Number two: our culture. Leadership has been very conscious and deliberate of the culture we were building since the early days. As a result, I am surrounded by some of the most talented, smart, driven people I have ever met. Our team makes me want to work hard so we can all succeed.

Jon: I always had the impression that you needed to work at least 60 hours a week if you were working for a startup, but ScriptDrop always stresses the importance of a work-life balance. I really appreciate that.

Leonardia: For me, it’s the people. The people here are really invested in growing the company and are willing to help out where they can. We all have a common understanding that what we are trying to accomplish is important. We know it will benefit a lot of patients.  

ScriptDrop: Tell us about one of your favorite ScriptDrop moments thus far. 

Emily: My proudest moment would be when we launched service for a partner this February after 19 months of discussions. I had started talking to this group my second month at ScriptDrop! After all the time and work we put into the partnership, it was really exciting to see the contracting process through and experience the launch. 

Jon: My favorite ScriptDrop moment was when Nick Potts walked on stage to receive the Growth-Stage Startup of the Year award at the 2019 VentureOhio dinner.

Leonardia: One of my favorite moments would be the scavenger hunt we participated in through Columbus Food Adventures. It was a lot of fun going through the Short North and the North Market with our selected teams and attempting to collect all of the items on our list. It allowed us to get to know each other and spend time together outside of the office.

ScriptDrop: In closing, what would you like to tell our readers about working at ScriptDrop? 

Emily: As fast as the company is growing, the employees are growing even faster. We are all being challenged to keep up with the needs of the industry and grow as professionals. At the end of the day, even on the busiest days, it’s a privilege to play a part in helping some of the most vulnerable Americans stay healthy.

Jon: I’m so encouraged to see how diversified we are. Everyone here at ScriptDrop has the same passion and goes out of their way to help patients get their medications in any way they can.

Leonardia: Working here has been an amazing learning experience that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally!

ScriptDrop is a special workplace. We’re not only weathering the storm but also responding to the pandemic in a genuine, measurable way. That kind of resilience and energy is part of what makes ScriptDrop a top workplace in Columbus – or anywhere.