6.9.20 - The ScriptDrop Team

ScriptDrop Brings Healthcare Home with Industry Status Report

Search the term “prescription delivery” on Google and you’ll get a mixed bag of results. Chain pharmacies offering free shipping. Digital pharmacies with unusual names. On-demand delivery services that may or may not be available where you live. The options can be confusing enough to make you give up, put on a face mask, and drive to the pharmacy. 

But not all patients have that luxury. Many patients have always needed delivery, like older adults, caregivers, or patients with chronic diseases or disabilities. Some patients live in areas without any pharmacies at all. Others remain concerned about COVID-19, especially as states reopen. 

That’s why we released “Bringing Healthcare Home: The Current State of Prescription Delivery” last Thursday, which is our 2020 report on the state of the prescription delivery industry. When we first began working on the report, we expected to simply update our 2019 version, titled “Prescription Delivery, Defined.” But as stay-at-home orders went into effect, we realized the task ahead was much bigger. 

A Resource for Patients

We’re a team of healthcare experts. It’s no surprise we felt a responsibility to share that expertise. “Bringing Healthcare Home” is a resource for patients, healthcare professionals, business owners, and the media. The differences between prescription delivery services available to patients in the United States are clearer than ever before.  

We’ve included information that can be difficult to find on company websites, like service areas and the cost of delivery. The report also uncovers details that are rarely mentioned in news articles about delivery, such as: 

  • Many chain retailers and online pharmacies offer free shipping, but these deliveries can take from 3 to 10 days to arrive. Patients may have to pay extra for expedited shipping or same-day delivery.
  • Some online pharmacies cater to specific health concerns, like acne, smoking cessation, or birth control, and cannot fulfill other prescriptions. 
  • It can be difficult to get Schedule II medications from any kind of delivery service due to state restrictions. 

A Resource for Pharmacies

While “Bringing Healthcare Home” focuses primarily on delivery as a patient service, the report is also meant to help pharmacies. 76% of independent pharmacies were already providing delivery before COVID-19, but they need to know their options.  

  • Same-day or on-demand delivery can help pharmacies serve homebound patients.
  • Shipping can help them get medication to patients who live relatively far away from the pharmacy. 
  • Investing in an integrated solution brings the benefits of a streamlined workflow, reduced risk, and saved time.

A Resource for All

The prescription delivery industry continues to grow every day. It will only increase in importance as we shift towards telehealth and as the Baby Boomer population ages. 

We’re ensuring that “Bringing Healthcare Home” is accessible by making it free to read on our website. Bookmark it while you’re there: to ensure the report remains useful in the long term, we will update it throughout the year.