ScriptDrop 2020: Surviving & Thriving

This year has been a whirlwind of change for the entire world, ScriptDrop included. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we not only scaled our services quickly and adapted to our customers’ needs but also stayed focused on our goal: to help patients.

We’re proud of how many people we’ve been able to help and how far we’ve come. While 2021 will undoubtedly be full of its own surprises, one thing is for certain: the ScriptDrop team will keep working to help patients get their medications from pharmacies they can trust.

We unveiled a new mission statement

Delivering medication access opportunities through technology, empathy, and healthcare expertise.

We were able to help more patients

Increased delivery volume by 170%
Bar chart showing increase in delivery volume from 2019 to 2020 of 170%
Expanded our pharmacy network by 320%
Bar chart showing increase in the size of our pharmacy network from 2019 to 2020 of 320%

Patients of all ages benefited from delivery

Average patient age for all deliveries
Pie chart showing average patient age for all of our deliveres.
Average patient age for patient-initiated deliveries
Pie chart showing average patient age for our patient-initiated deliveries.

We responded to the pandemic

We made a quick pivot, giving patients the power to request delivery from the pharmacy of their choice.

Fall 2019

ScriptDrop pilots a patient delivery solution.

March 10

ScriptDrop revives the patient delivery technology and begins building out a patient-facing prescription delivery solution in response to the pandemic.

March 16

ScriptDrop launches the patient-initiated delivery solution. From idea to reality in record time!

We were able to meet the needs of patients during the lockdown

We delivered more prescriptions in April than any other month, with December in a close second.

As COVID-19 cases increased, we responded to the need for prescription delivery.

A map of the United States, highlighting states hit hardest by COVID-19: New York, Illinois, Texas, California, and Washington.

We grew the ScriptDrop team

108teammates overall
49full-time employees hired in 2020

Our Customer Success team is still our biggest team, with 44 people. Our HR department is small but mighty, with one person!

All while working remotely

Slack has been an essential mode of communication to our team. It’s also helped keep our workplace culture alive.

Most popular non-work Slack channels

#random, #coffee

Most beloved Slack channel


A collage of some of the pets of ScriptDrop!

Happy Holidays from the ScriptDrop Team

We look forward to helping more patients in 2021!

A collage of some of the ScriptDrop team
Another collage of some of the ScriptDrop team