FedEx SameDay City Is Ending, But There Are Alternatives

Some medications can’t wait.

We all know that delivering prescriptions is a different task than delivering a pair of shoes or a package of paper towels. That’s why same-day delivery is so important to the pharmacy industry. It’s not simply a matter of convenience; getting medication on time could be a matter of life and death, and not all patients can travel to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions.

Pharmacies that offer same-day delivery want to give their patients a consistent customer experience. But many pharmacies could be facing a serious snag in that regard: on March 31, 2023, FedEx will permanently retire their SameDay City delivery service. If your business is a current SameDay City customer and you aren’t sure what to do next, read on.

What is FedEx SameDay City?

SameDay City is FedEx’s fastest local delivery option. Available in 30 metro areas across the United States, this service offers door-to-door pickup and delivery to locations up to 45 miles away. Depending on the distance, packages could be delivered in as little as two hours.

Why is FedEx ending the SameDay City service?

According to company spokespeople, FedEx Office has chosen to “prioritize several other opportunities for growth.” FedEx has experienced declining delivery volume and reportedly, like many companies, intends to reduce their workforce this year.

Is FedEx getting rid of all their same-day delivery options?

No, FedEx will continue to offer SameDay and SameDay Freight delivery. In some cases, regular SameDay can be just as fast as SameDay City, but it is more expensive.

How much more expensive?

The price per delivery varies widely. The distance traveled, the size and weight of the item, and the speed of the delivery all affect the price. Like most carriers, FedEx also charges extra handling fees for the following circumstances and many more:

  • Deliveries to residential addresses
  • Signature collection
  • Pickup and delivery outside of regular business hours

For more information, read up on FedEx’s 2023 rates.

In short, if a patient needs a refill of their maintenance medication and can wait a few days, FedEx’s pricing might be perfect. But their same-day pricing – even for lightweight packages only traveling a few miles – is likely not an everyday option for most pharmacies.

Are there other options?

Other carriers, like UPS or DHL, also offer same-day delivery. But pharmacies will want to choose a same-day partner that understands the rules and regulations around prescription delivery. In that case, we’d have to suggest ScriptDrop!

What features does ScriptDrop same-day delivery offer?

  • First of all, ScriptDrop same-day delivery is available nationwide, not just in specific metro areas. Our flexible network lets us reach patients everywhere, from rural towns to busy cities.
  • Our same-day deliveries aren’t sent to a hub for sorting. With real-time sorting and tracking, prescriptions can get to patients more quickly than before.
  • Delivery details – including patient signatures – are saved in our system long-term, making audits easier on pharmacy staff.

Ultimately, same-day delivery can save pharmacies a lot of money. Instead of watching prescriptions get abandoned and wasting all the effort of dispensing, staff can ensure that medications get to the patients who need them.

How can I get started?

Thanks for asking! Fill out our pharmacy form with your information, and a member of our Sales team will contact you to discuss your store’s needs.

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