Women’s History Month at ScriptDrop: Anastasiya Zhukavets

As prefaced last week, today is the first of our employee spotlights for Women’s History Month. ScriptDrop is a woman-led business, and we’re proud of that. We’re grateful for all our female and femme team members. We want our readers to get to know them and appreciate them, too.

Each post will be a quick exchange between team members and Chase McCants, our Chief People Officer. First up: Anastasiya Zhukavets, our Customer Success team’s QA Analyst. Anastasiya has worked at ScriptDrop since November 2021.

Chase: What's your title? Describe your role as if I'm brand new to ScriptDrop.

Anastasiya: I’m a QA Analyst here at ScriptDrop. My role involves supporting our Customer Success team by evaluating their interactions and providing feedback to ensure strong customer service, as well as tracking trends and uncovering areas where further training may be needed.

Chase: Women have been the backbone of healthcare as long as there has been healthcare. What does it mean to you to work in the healthcare space?

Anastasiya: It means a lot to me to work in the healthcare space. I think there’s a big accessibility issue in the healthcare system as it stands today, and ScriptDrop is working to bridge that gap. I’m happy to be able to contribute to a cause like that.

Chase: What impact do you hope to have being a woman in the technology space – a space that is often over-represented by men?

Anastasiya: I hope to bring a level of empathy that is so necessary yet so often missing in this space. Constantly keeping our users in mind adds that human touch to the world of tech and I think women are exceptionally good at that.

Chase: What would you say to girls and women who want to work in Healthcare IT? What advice would you give them?

Anastasiya: I think a lot of women tend to undersell the value that they bring to the workforce or make light of their achievements. I myself have been guilty of this at times. My advice would be to remember that you are worthy and deserve to have a seat at the table just as much as anyone else. Have the courage to put yourself out there and you just might end up achieving something great.

Chase: What makes ScriptDrop a great place to work for women? How can we improve?

Anastasiya: At ScriptDrop, we’re truly recognized for the work that we do, which sadly doesn’t happen at every workplace. I can confidently say that there are many opportunities to grow as a professional here, and those opportunities are granted fairly and equally.


Thank you for being part of the team, Anastasiya! We're grateful for your hard work and positive outlook.

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