Lindsay Cronin Customer Success Manager

Healthcare Story

My stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late summer of 2017. It was a petrifying experience for me and my family, but her doctors and nurses took such incredible care of her… it alleviated some of the anxiety that comes with undergoing that kind of treatment. They entertained her and made her laugh on the days we couldn’t sit with her through chemo and they cried tears of joy with us on the day she was declared cancer free. Dealing with the healthcare system can be a financially and otherwise rocky process; that compounded with the fact that individuals are often only dealing with hospitals, serious medications and the like on some of the worst days of their lives is what motivates me to make things as easy as possible for them! It’s a small part of the equation, but whether it’s medication to help someone remain healthy enough to stay out of the hospital or one that eases pain after surgery – providing access to those resources is a significant feat.