Product Designer

Healthcare needs good design. We’re looking for our first Product Designer to jumpstart our UX practice.


Columbus, OH

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What The Job is Like

All kinds of people interact with our product: pharmacists, couriers, patients, our own support team, and so on. This means we’re making everything from information-dense admin dashboards down to consumer-facing, native mobile apps with more specific focus.

There’s a pretty wide breadth of processes and levels of engagement we might give to individual features or decisions, too. Sometimes we’re sweating the details with high fidelity mockups, other times quickly-sketched wireframes do the trick. There are many ad hoc conversations throughout the day that lead to quick UX direction.

As our first Product Designer, you will be supporting and shaping our UX practice across all of our applications and at every stage of the process. This means variety—you’ll be able to work on something different, another angle to our broader product, just as you might otherwise start to get bored.

In fact, the process itself is constantly evolving, and you’ll be instrumental in that by helping to jump-start our UX practice.

What You're Like

You’re a designer. That’s a broad and maybe obvious thing to say, we know. But design itself is broad and often seems obvious in the end.

The part of design you’re most interested in is digital products. Apps, websites, kiosks, touch screens, the whole gamut. You speak UI and UX, and know how each is different to you. Speaking of acronyms: RGB, CMYK, EPS, PNG, CSS, SVG, HTML, RBZ, and PSD and are in or around your lexicon (except for that one you know we just made up for fun).

You know that the best design is as little design as possible, and that the simplest solutions tend to be the hardest to arrive on.

You are tech-savvy (especially when it comes to the web), but don’t have to be a developer. You’ve worked with “agile” product and engineering teams before.

You could convincingly argue for or against the iPhone X notch, and probably have.

You are intentional and confident in your decisions, but receptive to change given new information or perspective.

You’re curious, insightful, and ready to learn. Healthcare is a complex problem, but design exists to understand, distill and solve complex problems. You’re ready.


  • Enable our product teams to use design to make better products
  • Participate in planning and research to understand the needs of our users
  • Design and communicate solutions with appropriate fidelity (wireframes, prototypes, mockups, et al)
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure design process continues through implementation, advocating for user needs in all phases
  • Lead the development and maintenance of UI design systems as needed
  • Ensure our company-wide creative direction and brand system is  applied and extended appropriately in our products
  • Influence our UX practice itself 

Skills & Experience

  • Digital design tools like Sketch, Figma, InVision, etc.
  • Typography and information hierarchy
  • Working knowledge of UX heuristics and best practices
  • Communication and writing, including UI copywriting
  • Familiarity with constraints and opportunities of frontend web development technologies like CSS
  • Experience working on product teams following agile practices
  • Experience with enterprise-facing, information-dense UIs like those in healthcare software