Presenting RxCapture by Scriptdrop: innovative software that uses pharmacies' will call data to offer home delivery to patients at precise points in their prescription journey.

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Recapture Revenue with RxCapture

By implementing RxCapture, pharmacies, health systems, PBMs, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can ensure their patients receive their medications on time.

Proactive prescription delivery can reduce return-to-stock, reduce overall healthcare spend, and get patients started on therapy more quickly.

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of all prescriptions are

completely abandoned*

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of all prescriptions are not picked up within 72 hours of dispensing**

*Data provided by Association for Accessible Medicines (2018) and national e-prescribing partner (2022)

**Data provided by national e-prescribing partner, based on data from major retail chain (2022)

Go Beyond SMS Reminders

Instead of letting prescriptions collect dust and get returned to stock, RxCapture will send a home delivery offer to eligible patients after a specific number of days. If the patients accept the offer, ScriptDrop arranges delivery from the pharmacy to the patient's home.

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Securely ingest will-call data

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Decision logic applied

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Text applicable patients with offer link

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Patient pays copay online

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ScriptDrop delivers medication to patient


No monthly subscription fee or minimums

Standard delivery cost structure


White-labeled platform

Delivery eligibility can be determined by insurance type, NDCs, etc.


ScriptDrop has made over 11 million successful deliveries

Our extensive courier network provides nationwide coverage