We're Not
Just a Job

At ScriptDrop, culture is essential. We’re dedicated to providing the type of environment that our team deserves, and the benefits they need to thrive.

We Care

Passion for a Mission

Our mission may seem lofty, helping 1 billion patients, but the drive is there to make it happen. By rallying behind a big goal, we can make a greater impact on individual lives each and every day.

Mental Health

We offer one mandatory day off each month outside of flexible PTO to support employee mental health. The choice is yours how you want to spend it: catch up on email, schedule that overdue doc appointment, volunteer. You have the flexibility to choose what is important to you and your well-being.


We offer life, medical, dental and vision insurance with covered premiums for you and your family, 401k match, and access to a financial advisor (the cost is covered). Catered lunch is delivered every other Thursday, beer on tap, and healthy all-you-can-eat snacks are stocked daily. Working on your fitness? We offer a free gym membership, conveniently located across the street from our Grandview office. Growing a family? We provide a private “Mothers’ Room” with a cozy claim to fame. Not to mention, regular (and we do mean regular) happy hours and team outings are consistent Google calendar invites you’ll want to click “Yes” on.

Flexible PTO

Nothing is more frustrating than the phrase, “I’m out of vacation time.” At ScriptDrop, we trust our team to get their work done and value time away from the office. In fact, we encourage it.

Leadership Development

We hire future leaders and from day one, provide the resources, training and mentorship they need to be successful. Each ScriptDrop employee is allotted $750 each year for a continuing education or career development project of their choice. Our objective is to nurture the people we have. As ScriptDrop grows, we promise you won’t feel left behind.

Scalable Technology Developed In-House

Tech is kind of our thing. We are building software, after all. Our delivery differentiator is ultimately the fact that we start with tech and end with the logistics.

We’re collaborators. Our goal is to bring in a diverse group of the right people to get the job done.

We’re using Elixir for our code base due to its speed, reliability and scalability. If you’re interested in learning more, swing by one of our @columbuselixir meetups!

Great Place To Work Certified: August 2019 - August 2020

We are healthcare.

The ScriptDrop team has evolved from one core principle: Healthcare experts should be building the products that help patients. Period.

We are delivery disruptors.

Through trust and collaboration, we have built a vast network of couriers that reliably deliver medications safely and efficiently.

We are patients.

It takes one to know one. We never implement anything we wouldn’t use ourselves or recommend to our own friends and family.

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I started my professional life in the United States Military.

John Romano

Manager, Independent Pharmacy Sales

Anything outdoors: Rock climbing, backpacking, roadtrips. Longest was 12 days and 5000 miles!

Niki Eisnaugle

Account Manager, Logistics

I played college soccer at Marshall University.

Erin Simmons

Technical Account Manager

My favorite vacation was swimming with pigs in the Bahamas.

Caroline Cruce

Customer Success Coordinator

I still have one baby tooth.

Alex Ford

Director of Design

I built, opened and operated (with assistance from employees) a bakery for 7 years.

Kip Frost

Sales Executive, Independent Pharmacy

I was a second grade elementary and special education teacher for 3 years.

Natalie Marshall

Customer Success Coordinator

I was born in Germany.

Terence Kizer

Sales Executive, Independent Pharmacy

I trained in classical vocal performance for five years, but I stopped singing when I moved to LA in the summer of 2015 and studied design.

Lindsay Cronin

Customer Success Coordinator

I've been a violist for 25 years, a fiddle player for 3, and I've been the roasted swan in Carmina Burana.

Chris Westra

Team Lead, Software Engineer

I chose Mandarin as my foreign language in college and spent a summer working in Beijing to "practice".

Laura Jackson

Product Manager

I have a twin brother, we both started in music lessons around age four. We've done numerous duets, with him on the piano and myself on the violin.

Leonardia Hardy

Learning and Development Specialist

Michele Kothe


I've rock climbed in 3 different countries.

T.J. Gerlach

Account Manager, Logistics

My dreams are all in black-and-white or sepia tones; I never see bright colors.

Joe Kenkel

Logistics Business Development Manager

I love equestrian sports and have been an avid rider for the last several years so naturally, I applied to be an equestrian extra on Game Of Thrones. I am still waiting for the phone call...

Kristen Humphrey

Senior Project Manager

I played (very low level) college basketball (briefly).

Mason Cajka

Lead Customer Success Coordinator

I went skiing with Nick Goepper while in Breckenridge!

Parker Bartlett

Junior Software Engineer

I spent a summer playing flugelhorn for the Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

Max Wilson

DevOps Engineer

I played college baseball at the University of Dayton. Officially a washed up athlete now.

Matt Poland

Sales Associate, Independent Pharmacy

I'm an avid DIYer, I love to demo and rebuild.

Kathy Mullins

Project Manager, Development

Most of my travel around the US is for board game conventions. In the past year I have visited 5 states specifically to play board games and see friends I only see at these events.

Cassadi Thomas

Compliance Officer

I played classical piano for 11 years.

Briana Love

Customer Success Coordinator

Nick Potts


I played basketball with Michael Fishman (aka D.J. Conner from Roseanne).

Brent Rutowski

Product Lead, Pharmacy

I save about 20-30 memes to my phone on a daily basis.

Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez

Customer Success Coordinator

During my time at Ohio State, I competed in the real life Pitch Perfect acapella competition with my acapella group Buck That!

Zach Parfitt

Sales Associate, Independent Pharmacy

I was a springboard diver and hold all the records at my high school.

Gail Batt

Pharmacy Account Manager

When I'm not writing code, I'm flying airplanes.

Jonathan Arnett

Team Lead, Software Engineer

I was a named character in a Bruce Willis film called "Acts of Violence."

Jerrad Christian

Software Engineer

Alex Burkhart

Senior Software Engineer

I've gone fishing in four corners of the mainland U.S. — Seattle, San Diego, Maine, and Key West. Next up will be Alaska and Hawaii.

Jon Kusumo

Team Lead, Software Engineer

Despite contrary belief from ScriptDrop senior leadership, I can dunk a basketball.

Matt Brennessel

SVP, Operations

I accidentally walked into Lebron James once.

Annie Hoang

Implementation Specialist

I love classic Sci-Fi and have more than 250 Isaac Asimov books going back to 1939!

Chad Humphries

Chief Security Officer & Chief Technology Officer

I lived in Luxembourg for 6 years.

Nathan Zanzig

Customer Success Coordinator

I've studied 6 languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese, Latin, Arabic, and Japanese.

Ryan Hubble

Account Manager, Independent Pharmacy

I used to play soccer very actively as a child, and my coaches, family & friends thought one day I would play pro, sorry guys :(.

Stokley Onuba

Customer Success Coordinator

I really enjoy everything true crime. From a podcast, to a book or TV show, I love the stories and suspense!

Alison Bush

Sales Executive, Pharmacy

I developed a workshop curriculum for Tech Elevator that introduces women to web development (over a glass of wine).

Elizabeth Blackburn

Software Engineer

I trained in classical ballet for 15 years.

Mia Gerardi

Customer Success Support Manager

I showed rabbits in 4-H at the county and state level.

Amanda Epp


Lucas Altman

IT Manager

Matt Jones

VP of Architecture

I have hand fed a Rhinoceros and they act like giant dogs when being fed.

Mark Daniels

Account Manager, Logistics

I can speak two Chinese dialects, Mandarin and Fujianese.

Min Lin

Customer Success Coordinator

Growing up I've lived in 4 different states including Missouri, Texas, Michigan, and Ohio.

Derek Schneider

Director of Engineering

I grew up on a Black Angus farm in South Dakota where I learned all about hard work.

Laurie Boogaard

Vice President of Customer Operations

I flew my first solo flight in gliders shortly after my 14th birthday.

Nick Hoffmann

Manager, Logistics

I met and hung out with Jack Hannah for over two hours. He helped me after I fell off of a playground and took a nosedive into the ground. He bought me lunch and let me hold a baby gorilla.

Leon Naphier

Lead Customer Success Coordinator

The "chocolate" on my lips are actually just freckles.

Avery Dixon

Marketing Intern

I made it to the final round of interviews to be on The Real World in 2010. Just think where my life would be now.

Emily Muenchen

Manager, Account Manager

I took a 14 day boat trip down the Amazon River through Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. It was challenging but I would do it all over again.

Dominique Phillips

Manager, People & Talent

I practice acro-yoga.

Nathan Caldwell

Junior Software Engineer

I helped translate and perform a fan translation of a german musical.

Izzy Elwyn

Team Lead, Software Engineer

In high school I sang the National Anthem by myself, acopella, a few times at CSU Mens' and Women's college basketball games. Talk about a thrill!

Laura Jaketic

Customer Success Coordinator

I'm a classically trained automotive engineer who daily drives an antique and still fixes all my own cars.

Alex Kaidan

Software Developer, Patient

I have been to every state except Alaska.

Robb Tvorik

Director of Technology

I build model robots in my freetime.

Jeremy Anderson

Customer Success Trainer

I've seen my favorite band live more than 30 times.

Kara Kearns

Director of Business Intelligence

I played DIII college lacrosse for 1 semester before transferring so technically I'm a former college athlete.

Tommy Hirsch

Customer Success Coordinator

I operated a swimming pool leak detection and repair service as a scuba diver.

Joe Morris

Software Engineer

I was a vocal performance major in college, and got to sing the National Anthem at Crew soccer games.

Jessica Wright

Junior Software Engineer

I ran steeplechase (that one race with the water pit and hurdles) in college.

Brittany Barchalk

Marketing Specialist

I ziplined through Mexico's longest and fastest zipline course in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Alexis Campbell

Sales Associate, Independent Pharmacy

I collect first editions of science fiction & fantasy novels.

Jessica Behrendsen

Director of Content and Marketing

When I lived in Charleston, SC I was asked to “get out of the shot” when they were filming Dear John starring Channing Tatum.

Jenny Lee

Office Manager

I used to teach high school chemistry.

Daniel Dalton

Manager, Pharmacy Solutions

I've organized an Adopt-a-Family event for the last 4 years and will continue as long as I can.

Brian Crosby

Culture & Community Advocate

I once booped snoots with a wild baby manatee on a snorkeling trip!

Francesca Rimer

Product Lead, Operations